Reason Russian servers is down

Dear Valued Customers , For the past few days, our RU servers were down as you may have noticed, we were in contact with the host to find out what's going on. Apparently our automatic payments set to pay our servers expenses failed, and host failed to notify us whatsoever. Our servers were terminated without prior suspension or notifications. As ... Read More »

31st Dec 2017
Issues with WHMCS fixed

Dear Customers,We have had several issues after upgrading our WHMCS to the latest version which resulted in series of untrackable issues that we couldn't resolve with WHMCS support. However we have restored everything back and we apologize for the inconvenience caused. The system should be functioning properly now. Please report to us if you feel ... Read More »

17th Dec 2017
Issues with billing area fixed

Dear VPSlices' Valued Clients,We are aware of the issue that caused visitors and clients to be unable to view our website and we have sorted it out now, if you have encountered any issue please forward it to us so we can address and solve it. Thanks to those who reported the previous issues, we pretty much appreciate it. The system now is fully ... Read More »

25th Aug 2017
Email Sending Issue (Fixed)

Dear VPSlices' Clients,   We have some technical issues in our mail server, therefore, most of our emails getting rejected and it doesn't get delivered to our valued customers, we don't have any ETA when this will be fixed, but we're working to fix it as soon as possible. If you have missed an email, verification email for example, ... Read More »

20th Aug 2017
Default Currency Change: USD to GBP


We're changing our default currency from USD to GBP, so expect some changes soon. Please contact us if you have the wrong price for your active service or having problems while paying your invoice and we'll fix it ASAP.

Thank you, 

VPSlices Team.

17th Jun 2017
New VPS Location: Moscow, Russia


We're glad to inform you that we've added new location to our OpenVZ plans, best location for offshore content and ignores DMCA requests.

For Russian OVZ plans:
For Looking Glass:

Kind Regards,
VPSlices Team

31st May 2017

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